As per the Turkish Veterinary Border Inspection Law, which was enacted in 2011, and current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Turkish government announced the following regulations which have been legislated with immediate effect, applicable for transit shipments as well.

1) Animal products and its potentially related products from mainland China to Turkey.
Booking with attached HS codes from mainland China to the destination Turkey are suspended until further notice.

2) Animal products and its potentially related products transshipped at Turkey.
Inspection surcharge USD 85 per BL for the transshipment cargoes with applicable HS codes as attached, at the Turkish customs to be implemented in all Turkish ports. The charge is payable by the freight payer.

The effective date: 15th April ETA at Turkey.

These regulations to be applicable for the commodities that are listed down under VETERINARY APPLICATION PROCESS, entitled as COMMUNIQUE ON RULES FOR THE TRANSFER OF PRODUCT SHIPMENTS AT VETERINARY BORDER CONTROL POINT (COMMUNIQUE: 2015/39).

For more information, please find the attached HS Codes under the scope of veterinary control first 4digits)

С референция  към  въведените регулации от Турска митница, всички  фрахтови предложения/ резервации (букировки) са обект на предоставяне от заявителя/ букиращата страна на  HSC (митнически тарик) код на стоката,  предложена/ приета  за транспортиране.

Source: ONE/TTL