Dual fuel engines allow 14,000-TEUer to rival 20,000-TEUer on economy

THE first in a series of 10 efficient 14,000-TEU ships, the NYK Blue Jay will benefit from the dual-rating capability of the narrow nine-cylinder  Wertsila  X82 diesel engine that allows for higher hydrodynamic efficiency.

The NYK Blue Jay (364 metres long, 50.6 metres abeam) is the first of 10 vessels that, despite their smaller capacity can switch between two operating profiles both with optimised fuel efficiency.

The dual-rating capability is based on a system of electronically controlled fuel injection and exhaust valve actuation, combined with turbochargers with very wide compressor maps, reports Motorship, of Fareham, near Portsmouth, England.

Rudolf Holtbecker, general manager, business & application development, WinGD, said: “Shipowners wish to be able to respond to market conditions by having closer control over the fuel costs of their ships. With the X engines, shipowners can use their engines either with a low or a high maximum power output, further improving fuel consumption.”