Here below are stated (web-based) auto-transport terms applicable for land road transport provided by Transterra Logistics Bulgaria Ltd. (TTLBG). These terms are part well in the context of the any booking operations made with use of TTLBG’s  auto-transport services from Bulgarian ports.


Additional conditions for organizing land road transport

  • The quoted prices do not include VAT, which is charged when issuing an invoice according to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation.
  • The quote for road transport does not include the fees listed below:
    • Parking fee on the territory of the customs offices
    • Costs for loading and unloading activities
    • Services of customs clearance of goods
    • A fee for keeping the vehicle outside the hours provided for loading and unloading and customs clearance of goods
    • Fees for customs inspections at border crossing points, starting or ending points of loading/unloading operations, as well as any other additional fees incurred during the inspection of the goods by customs and/or border officials
    • Cargo insurance during carriage by road
  • Payment for road transport is made when issuing an invoice, prior to the carriage unless otherwise agreed.
  • All bank charges are at the payer’s expense.
  • The maximum permissible gross weight of the freight is indicated in the road freight transport quote. In case of exceeding it, an increase shall be charged in accordance with the regulation concerning the charges for exceeding the maximum permissible laden weight of vehicles.
  • The quotation implies free access and normal accessibility of heavy goods vehicles at the loading and delivery addresses. In the cases of restricted access and specific location features that impede access and require additional transport arrangements, the quotation is subject to update, according to the conditions of the loading and delivery locations.
  • The deadlines provided for stuffing and stripping containers are stated in the Transport (Haulage) Order for carriage by road, which serves as a written contract between TTLBG and the TRANSPORT BOOKING PARTY (consignee/shipper and/or its representatives).
  • The signing the Trucking Order is considered as acceptance of the terms and conditions and the prices mentioned therein and it is not subject to contest afterwards.
  • All available import and export free periods and fees for standard and special equipment are valid according to the current tariff of ONE LINE , Information on the current tariffs and conditions is available online and is sent to each client along with an arrival notice.
  • All goods that are considered and transported as hazardous under the ADR Convention must be properly packed, labelled, marked and with the necessary documents in accordance with the requirements of the current international and national regulations. The shipper/sender is obliged to provide complete and correct information on hazardous goods according to Chapter of the ADR Convention. In case of non-compliance with the regulatory requirements concerning the processing and transportation of hazardous goods, TTLBG reserves its right to refuse transport and to claim reimbursement of additional costs incurred and/or financial penalties received.
  • Free time granted is 6/six/ hours for stuffing and customs clearance of cargo, release of container/truck, counted from ordered time for positioning of the container/truck accordingly.
  • Upon truck detention occurred over above state free time, detention fee of EUR 75,00 to apply for first detention day and EUR 150,00 for next days accumulated.
  • For submit of Shipping Instruction (SI) and VGM details, please use Your registration with E-Commerce of ONE Line.
  • With reference to COVID-19 conditions and state regulations applicable, please submit all trade documents and customs declarations by @ mail.
  • EX BOOKING RIDER : 10 days free period is applicable at Bulgarian ports for export shipment, upon any change of date of vessel’s departure an additional port storage cost may occur.

Additional conditions for the provision of container equipment for merchant transport / MEH Merchant Haulage /

  • The provision of container equipment to ONE LINE for transportation is made against payment of an administrative fee (MEH) and a Letter of Warranty for the provided equipment, signed and stamped by an authorized representative of the trader-consignor / consignee under the Bill of Lading.
  • The liability of the carrier ONE LINE for the cargo shall end at the time of taking the order for dispatch upon import.
  • Empty container equipment shall be returned in the same condition in which it was received at the designated port / depot. In case of damage, absence or total loss, the terms of the Letter of Guarantee apply and the provided deposit, if any, is retained.
  • Empty equipment after the provision of transport for importation must be returned in a clean form, free from residual odors, packaging, reinforcing materials and property stickers. Failure to follow the instructions may result in the following additional fees such as a Fee for a heavily soiled / greasy container requiring dry cleaning in the amount of EUR 35.00 / container and / or a fee for removing IMO stickers EUR 35.00 / container.
  • Empty equipment when providing transport for export is accepted at the specified point – port depot. If damage is found, you should notify us immediately and do not accept the provided equipment.
  • All costs of retaining the container equipment shall be paid in accordance with the demurrage / detention clause of the carrier ONE LINE.

The TTLBG MEH Terms are attached  part of  Merchant Haulage Agreement (inland auto-transport) agreed upon booking order placed with carrier for  use of its container transport services.