TTL Customer – on Best

Customer Service On Best !

Driven by its commitment to provide better to best services to its customers and support vendors to upgrade their products and services supplied, TTL elaborated it’s own procedure for satisfactory study case ; CVS reports in the segment of shipping for overall customer satisfaction among business customers.
Overall customer satisfaction is measured by examining by 3 categories / by several factors (depends by the case study).
Expl. Service communication; rates structuring; service route; additional logistics info; port handling on Service Cat.  //Billing; Credit terms; Balance account; Rates & Shipping terms offered on Financial Cat.  //Long contract terms; Fixed freight volume ; LTC vs loyalty on Long Term Cat.

Customer service on Best is one of TTL Bulgaria’s core principles, along with operational excellence, regulatory integrity, employee commitment, environmental respect and financial strength,” said K.Tzaneva, Senior Customer Service TTL Bulgaria. “We are excited to hear that our continued focus on customer satisfaction has resulted in a high ranking by our business customers during last years (2012-2014).”

The TTL CVS GEN-SATIF study evaluated more than 20 Bulgarian customers operating on main shipping route Far East – Black Sea, which do supply over 1,5 thousand business retailers for overall customer satisfaction.

“The company’s ongoing commitment to meet and exceed customers’ needs and expectations is demonstrated by the work of its employees,” KTaneva said. “Every day, we remain committed to continuously improving the service we provide to our customers.”

The studies are based on interviews and/or study forms with representatives of many customers who use main TTL shipping services on international and domestic/intra Balkans routes. Within each service scope and problem solution included in the study are provided 5 ranked levels for classification and correct assessment.

CRS SATISFACTORY Study Forms:               CRS GEN SURVEY v.15            (study 2016)  TTIME SVC FREQ                   (new study’16)  CCL CHECKS TXP